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TLT LIMO becomes Chabé

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE was originally scheduled from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021. However, after careful deliberations, this mega event was postponed to 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic. That prompted many people to wonder when Dubai Expo 2020 will start. The answer to that question is that the event will now run from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. This one-year delay was to ensure that participants could understand the effects of COVID-19 and take the right measures to keep themselves safe. 

Expo 2020

What is World Expo?

World Expo is one of the biggest international events that is held every five years to enable participants to experience, explore, share, and innovate ideas. This event lasts for six months and offers a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses besides laypeople to understand technology, art and culture, entertainment, and more through pavilions, events, and live talks. 

What is Expo 2020 Dubai?

Dubai Expo 2020 is the first-ever World Expo being hosted in the region, and the theme is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. The event hopes to inspire people by bringing them examples of cooperation, innovation, and collaboration that can transform the world and make it a better place. The event will be an opportunity to learn, understand, and collaborate. 

Expo 2020 in Dubai

Events Galore

With more than 180 countries participating in this event, the World Expo 2020 will have 60 events a day, including parades, concerts, and exhibitions. It would mean rushing from one event to another, which can be cumbersome. Thankfully, you can create an itinerary for the events and ensure you always reach it on time with the help of TLT. You can rent a car for Expo 2020 and ensure you never miss a single event. 

Dubai Expo 2020 will have something for everyone. If you are a culture lover, you will be able to enjoy cultural experiences from all corners of the globe. The event has digital theaters, dance performances, fashion shows, acrobats, roaming entertainers, and poetry slams to ensure you get your culture dose. 

Technology geeks and aficionados will be able to learn more about how human organs are created using 3D printing, participate in exercise and gaming activities, and also attend a host of workshops dedicated to AI, machine learning, and robotics. 

Expo 2020 in Dubai

There will be talks by eminent academicians, business leaders, thought leaders, innovators, technology pioneers, artists, inventors, and more to educate, share and enlighten you on how modern technology, sustainability, and collaborative work can make people’s lives better. 

With so much to do and see, having a chauffeur for Expo 2021 makes perfect sense and TLT Limo service is just what you need. 

Why Hire a Chauffeur for Expo 2020?

Dubai Expo 2020 is spread over a vast area and events, shows and pavilions could be a tad bit cumbersome to reach if you don’t have a vehicle. When you decide to use a chauffeur service in Dubai, you never have to worry. You will be able to get to each venue in quick time as the chauffeur service will ensure you have a luxury car at your disposal. You never have to worry about missing an event as a result. 

Why TLT is the Best Luxury Choice for Exploring Expo 2020 in Dubai?

TLT is a leading chauffeur service in Dubai. It offers luxury Limo service for those who are interested in making a statement and enjoying the finer things in life. The service is designed to ensure you enjoy a comfortable and luxury ride to any event that you want to be part of. 

TLT has a fleet of high-end Limos that will allow you to travel alone or as a group from one event to another without delay. You never have to wait for a ride as the chauffeur will be available at a drop of a hat. You can rest assured knowing that when you hire a chauffeur for Expo 2020, you will be investing in comfort and safety. TLT has licensed, trained, and professional chauffeurs, who can cater to your needs. Not only will the chauffeur ferry you to different venues but will also act as your de-facto guide, pointing attractions and giving interesting information about them. TLT has multilingual chauffeurs and hence, if you are looking for a chauffeur that speaks another language besides English, you can rest assured. 

Since the Expo 2020 Dubai UAE will be held for a period of six months, you can enjoy a luxurious commute for a few hours on specific days of your choice. Alternatively, you can depend on TLT for monthly car rental. The former is the best choice if you are coming into Dubai for a couple of days while the latter is the most efficient choice if you are planning a long-term stay in Dubai to cover several events over six months. 

How TLT Will Take Care of You?

Car rental for Expo 2020 is just what you need to have a fun and exciting experience at this must-visit event. TLT offers personalized Limo service so you can select the model and even the chauffeur. The vehicles are well-maintained, clean, and hygienic. You can enjoy certain amenities, like wet wipes, bottled water, a phone charger, and even Wi-Fi connectivity. Since the pandemic is an ongoing worry, our Limos are regularly sanitized and we also offer our guests hand sanitizers and face masks. Your safety is a top priority and we take this responsibility very seriously. 

Expo 2020 in Dubai

TLT chauffeurs will ensure you reach any venue as quickly as possible. They know the different routes across Dubai and will take one that is least crowded and ensure you reach your chosen event well in time. 

The Bottom Line

The Dubai Expo 2020 is one of the most happening events of the year. Leaders, celebrities, decision-makers, and many more from different corners of the world will be converging for this event. TLT offers you the best luxury car rental deals for Expo 2020 so that you can enjoy the event without worrying about your transportation. The best part is that you will be able to travel to each event in style and comfort. With the right ride, you will be able to seamlessly fit into a city that is luxurious, glitzy, and glamorous.