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TLT LIMO becomes Chabé

Dubai’s central location makes it the perfect gateway for the East and the West. The way this cosmopolitan city has grown, it has transformed into a business hub and a sought-after travel destination. The airports in Dubai have established a benchmark and are renowned for being luxurious and passenger-friendly. These airports are filled with modern amenities so that passengers are comfortable while they wait to board their flights.

How Many Airports in Dubai?

To cater to the endless streams of international travelers, two international airports operate 24/7 and 365 days a year. Dubai International Airport, which has the distinction of being the busiest airport in the world, boasts nearly 90 million passengers each year and is also the hub for Emirates. On the other hand,  the Al Maktoum International Airport (also known as Dubai World Central), will take over the mantle as the busiest airport once it is completed. It will serve 160 million passengers annually once fully operational.

Terminals in Dubai’s International Airports

The Dubai International Airport has three terminals; Dubai World Central will have three terminals. One will be just for Emirates, one for budget airlines, like Wizz Air, Ryanair, and Easyjet, and the last one for other commercial airlines, such as Qatar Airways, Virgin, Gulf Air, British Airways, and Qantas.

Terminal 1: This terminal is for all incoming and outgoing international flights other than those operated by Emirates and Qantas.

Terminal 2: This terminal is designated solely for budget airlines, and all flights operated by Fly Dubai.

Terminal 3: This terminal is for flights operated by Emirates, Qantas, Gulf Air, and Qatar Airways.

Getting In and Out of Dubai’s International Airports

You can opt for a Dubai airport transfer when rent luxury cars with a chauffeur. Usually, the chauffeurs wait at Dubai airports arrivals with placards so that you can easily identify them. They will help you with your luggage and ensure you reach your destination safely and on time.

From Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, there are cost-effective metros that operate every 10 minutes. For most passengers, metros are a convenient option. Alternatively, passengers can opt for buses that stand in front of terminals 1, 2, and 3. These buses do not accept cash and hence, passengers would have to buy an NOI card, which is available at the metro station.

Dubai Airports Security

Airport security processes in Dubai airports are the same as you find in other international airports. Loose items, like watches, mobile phones, keys, and wallets can be carried in hand baggage. Check-in and carry luggage is scanned and you would have to also scan belts with metal buckles and shoes with heels.

Narcotics, illegal drugs, and weapons are not allowed on flights. If you are carrying these items, you could be fined and in some cases, it could lead to imprisonment.

Passengers flying into Dubai have to get their fingerprints and photos taken and usually, this occurs at the immigration.

When passengers are leaving Dubai, they should ensure that their bags are not oversized and they should have at least one surface that is flat. Otherwise, the airlines will reject the bags. If that happens, there is no need to panic as the airport has repacking options, like boxes to place the bags into.

Wifi During Airport Transfers

Dubai’s international airports have free unlimited WiFi so if you have a layover or you are waiting to board a flight out of Dubai, you can use the WiFi to enjoy unhindered access to the internet.

Dubai Airport Shopping

Dubai airport shopping is legendary and every passenger leaving here tends to make a pitstop at the duty-free shopping area. Terminal 3 in Dubai International Airport is home to the Duty-Free Mall. It is spread over an area of 26,000 square meters and has several brand stores that sell electronic items, jewelry, perfumes, and gold. Duty-free shopping is the only place in Dubai where you will be able to legally buy alcohol without a problem.

Many shoppers participate in the shopping lottery and raffle as the top prizes include a Bentley or a Porsche. Alternatively, you could win a whopping US$1 million if you are lucky.

Terminals 1 and 2 also have a few shops that passengers visit, but these two terminals are mostly for restaurants and bars. Terminal 1 has a food court, where passengers can choose from 25 different options. Terminal 3 food court is much bigger and has fast food outlets, restaurants, and bars. Usually, these are open 24/7.

Lounges at Dubai International Airport

Marhaba located in terminals 1, 2, and 3 is open to all passengers, who are willing to pay for the services. Marhaba charges by the hour. The lounge has a shower facility, hot buffet meals, and massage chairs. The lounge also has mini rooms that have WiFi connectivity, TV, music, and bed, where passengers can rest and catch up on their sleep.

Airlines also have lounges for first and business-class passengers, who have to show their boarding card to gain access to them. In addition, there are private lounges that are reserved for VIP passengers and celebrities.

The Final Word

Dubai’s international airports are setting benchmarks and standards for other airports to emulate. When you fly into Dubai, you can book luxury airport transfers through TLT Limo, a leading Dubai Limousine service.

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