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TLT LIMO becomes Chabé

The city of Dubai has developed a reputation for its luxurious lifestyle, highrise, ultramodern living, and nighttime parties. No wonder this city is so popular amongst tourists, with celebrated destinations such as the Burj Khalifa, an 830m skyscraper, 7- star hotels, beaches,  exotic malls, and so on.

Although this city is filled with many attractions, it is easy to fall into the trend of never enjoying all that  Dubai has to offer. You have to remember, visiting Dubai is a rare opportunity for you.

Not to worry! This article will reveal the top 10 exotic things to do in Dubai when you visit the city. Do you need personal  Chauffeur Services? TLT Limo offers the best chauffeur experience you can get in Dubai. They offer rides in luxurious cars, including Audi, Tesla, Lexus, Mercedes, etc.

Best things to do in Dubai with TLT Limo

1.Visit the Burj Khalifa

A visit to the Burj Khalifa is definitely my favorite thing to do in Dubai. You can hire a personal driver in Dubai from the TLT Limo to take you from your hotel to the destination. TLT Limo offers rides in various luxurious cars that fit your taste. The Burj Khalifa is not just tall; it is supertall and by far the tallest in the world. The highrise holds six other records, including the longest elevator distance, the highest number of corridor decks on a building and many more. The Burj also shares some luxurious restaurants and malls, so a stop at the arise affords you more luxurious shopping opportunities.

Another mind-blowing feature of this building is its fountains. Its fountain dances for 30 minutes from Wednesday to Friday at 6 pm. So make sure not to miss it!

2.Take a ride to Dubai’s largest aquarium.

The Dubai aquarium is a beauty to behold, Atlantis. The aquarium offers insight into life under the sea. The aquarium tank is about 10 million liters and homes more than 300 sharks. It remains the largest collection of tiger sharks. It has a 48m tunnel that offers you 270 views of the aquatic world to feel like you are in it. You can get selfies with exotic fishes, learn a fact or two and leave life to the fullest. This is by far one of the coolest things to do in Dubai.

Book a tour with TLT Limo to enjoy the best tour experience in Dubai. TLT Limo offers a customized package so that you can visit these sites conveniently. You are chauffeured in the best cars to the destination. 

3.Shop at some of the biggest malls in Dubai

The Dubai mall is the largest globally if you wonder why the hype around it. You can expect to see most of the best and most luxurious brands in the world here, if not all from Gucci to  Balenciaga, shop at some of the greatest luxurious places in the world. The Dubai mall houses the underwater zoo and aquarium and many exotic places. Take a swim with sharks, or wander about if you like. The mall has you covered. The mall offers excellent eat-out junctions at some of the best restaurants, and you also get to see some of the best sky views you could experience in the world.

4.Take an adventure to desert Safari.

An adventure to desert Safari is definitely my top 10 things to do in Dubai. Notoriously, Dubai is originally a desert city. Why not experience the authentic Dubai experience, away from all those luxuries? We recommend going with TLT Limo chauffeur service as they offer a variety of Dubai desert experiences that will suit your time and convenience. These experiences are usually classified into the morning, evening and overnight adventures. Make sure you think through which one fits your schedule. TLT Limo will start the tour with a ride in a four-wheel drive, capable of driving on the sands. Other experiences include camel rides, sand skiing, barbeque and so on. If you are interested in spending an all-nighter on the desert, you are covered. The city overs all-nighters experience, dinner. And carnival-like parties. I will rank this with the things to do in Dubai with friends and family.

5.Visit the Palm Islands.

The palm islands consist of three artificial islands joined together to form a palm leaf. These islands include Plam Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and the Diera island. The palm island is home to more than 4000 residential homes, including homes of celebrities like football legend David Beckham. Tourists visiting this neighborhood will have access to up to 5000 waterfronts homes, 60 luxury hotels, cinemas, restaurants, sports facilities. Feel free to book a room in some of the most luxurious homes on the palm island and enjoy all that the island has to offer. Get to the destination of your choice by cruising with TLT Limo service. Its access to the beach means you can make a splash on the beach or ride in speed boats.

6.Skydive in the city of Dubai.

If you have a trill for the adrenaline and trying something truly breathtaking, then skydiving at 120  miles per hour could be for you. Dubai city has many professional skydiving companies that will safely guide you through the process. You can book an appointment with them through your professional chauffeur. You can choose to skydive indoors or outdoor, depending on your preference. Some of the outdoor locations include the palm zone or the desert zone. Skydive Dubai organizes the event, a group of professional skydivers with many years of experience, so you feel safe.

7.Go golfing at the  Emirates Golf Club.

The emirate golf club is for you if you are an avid golfer. The Emirate gold is one of the premium golf sites in Dubai. The golf course has 36 holes and features three courses: the Faldo, Majlis, and Par 3. The par three course offers beginners an opportunity to learn about golf with only nine holes. Also, the Emirate golf club offers many restaurants and dining options to its daily visitors. The golf club holds the Dubai Dessert Classic annually and the omega ladies classic, an event with a $3 million purse, and entertains tourists.

8.Visit the Museum Of Illusions, Dubai

A visit to the museum of illusions is one of the best things to do in Dubai with kids. Why not educate them? Why are they being entertained? The museum of illusion tricks and illusions challenges how you see the world. It’s an exciting way to challenge your kids. Try the Vortex tunnel. There are many tunnels and puzzles to bend your mind, including the optical illusion rooms. Due to its popularity, the place is usually full of tourists. Simplify your experience by going with the TLT Limo service and enjoy all Dubai has to offer.

9.Skating in Dubai Ice rink

Get to have a different mix of experiences from the Dubai ice rink. The Dubai house rink offers family and friends the opportunity to bond. They offer classes to your kids to have a very good time. The rink is looked on the ground fall of the Dubai Mall and is the size of an Olympic ice rink. In addition, the rink is available to different ages, so it’s never too late to learn to skate. The Dubai ice rink is the top 10 things to do in Dubai with kids.

 10.Visit the Dubai frame.

Are you a selfie fan? Get the best selfies for your Instagram page on the Dubai frame. The frame stands at 500 feet and holds the spot for the tallest picture frame in the world. Tourists/guests can take an elevator to the top of the structure and take pictures overlooking the city as they stroll across the glass bridge. Its glass bridge spans 313 feet. Make sure to book a tour with TLT Limo service to enjoy the full excitements that Dubai has to offer.


Dubai city offers many exotic things to do by yourself, or with family and friends. Don’t forget to tick our list of best things to do when coming to Dubai next. The city offers you the best luxury brands, events, sports and an opportunity to meet some of your favorite celebrities. 

Nightlife here in Dubai is never quiet. Enjoy the best parties with top artist performances and Dj. GO out with friends on an all-nighter, and you are guaranteed to have the best funs that any luxurious city will offer you. 

Enjoy quality time with your kids by visiting the Dubai ice rink, museums and more. Give them a time they will forever remember with their friends. 

We recommend booking a tour with the TLT limo service for chauffeur services. At TLT, it provides safe and comfortable transportation in luxurious cars. Their experience in the city makes them a chauffeur to give you the best-tailored service to fit your needs.