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TLT LIMO becomes Chabé

Ramadan in Dubai is a unique experience – even though Dubai is one of the busiest cities in the world, it still observes this month of fasting, spiritual contemplation and worship. Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a special month for over two billion Muslims all over the world, as it is believed to be the month that the Qu’ran was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed.

When is Ramadan 2015 in Dubai?

The start of Ramadan 2015 is June 18. This holy month of fasting and contemplation runs until July 17. What to do during Ramadan 2015 UAE The Ramadan holiday in Dubai sees altered working hours – all restaurants and coffee shops are closed during the day (from the moment the sun comes up until it sets again). Only those restaurants and cafés found in hotels remain open, serving tourists and visitors, though it is advised that anyone not observing Ramadan should not eat or drink in any public during the day.

Top 3 Places TLT Limo can take you and your family.

We’ve made this list of our top three places to visit during your stay in Dubai.

  1. One & Only Royal Mirage Arabian Court
    This beautiful villa-inspired restaurant embodies the majesty of the Arabian court while providing a variety of culinary options throughout the day. Sit by the poolside, marvel at the chic décor, and enjoy Ramadan in style.
  2. Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa (Al Hadheerah Tent)
    Spend your month in an Arabian tale at Al Hadheerah tent. Authentic Middle Eastern cuisine combined with traditional and lively entertainment – Arabic band and a camel and horse caravan show – make this desert resort a must-visit during UAE Ramadan 2015.
  3. The Palace Downtown Dubai
    Be made welcome and experience the generosity of Ramadan in their iconic Ramadan Tent, which features an Iftar (evening meal) buffet accompanied by live Oud performances and Suhour (pre-dawn meal). While you break your fast – morning or evening – enjoy culture and cuisine at Ewaan.

Wherever you may be for Ramadan 2015 UAE, we hope you have a blessed Ramadan.