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The website is owned and manage by Omair Al Thani Luxury Transport LLC.

We pride ourselves on providing professional, friendly service resulting in safe, comfortable transportation. All employees, from Operations to Driver, have experience and training in fleet and equipment maintenance. The TLT Limo Dubai operations staff works in tandem with our chauffeurs to ensure consistent, flawless service. Our reservation managers and agents are ready to listen to your needs and offer tailored transportation services. Finally, our Chauffeurs meet and maintain the highest quality standards in the transportation industry. They are trained and licensed for existing routes, maintain a professional demeanor and understand proper business etiquette, right down to the attire.

Every aspect of TLT Limo’s services is completed with complete professionalism, competence, and success. Meet our team below – we look forward to working with you.

  • Gayle
    Gayle Administration Manager

    Gale has been with TLT from the very start, in fact she was our very first employee. She is extremely capable at one point single-handedly in charge of operations, drivers, cars, bookings, sales and whatever else came her way. Nowadays she is in charge of operational work for our key accounts and takes care of our VVIPs, as well as undertaking the huge responsibility of being the company’s mascot.

  • Binu
    Binu Head of Operations

    Binu joined the company in its first year. His serious attitude and extensive experience in operation work bought TLT to a whole new level of luxury transportation service. He is straight forward and really puts the effort into all that he does.

  • Taqi
    Taqi PRO

    Taqi is born in Dubai and just recently joined TLT Limo team as PRO officer. His determination to succeed, ability to learn on daily basis & his great relationship with people helps us to maintain our business in a right way. We are extremely happy to have him as a part of our team.

  • Shanavas
    Shanavas Reservations Manager

    Shanavas has vast experience as a reservation agent. Starting as a luxury chauffeur he has worked his way up to reservation agent and knows the business inside and out. With a calm head he is ready to advise our drivers of the best routes or customer of an optimal departure time. He is a terrific asset to our team.

  • Sreekanth
    Sreekanth Operations Superviser

    Sreekanth is one of the youngest members of our team but that doesn’t stop him. He has gone through excellent training as an airport ticket reservation agent His outstanding level of customer care and remarkable attention to detail mean that he is very popular with clients and staff alike.

  • Shajimon
    Shajimon Accountant

    Quiet and reliable with a vast experience in accounting, Shaji is a valued member of our team.

  • Shabeer
    Shabeer Mercedes S-class, Mercedes Viano, Infinity Q70

    Shabeer is one of our senior most drivers, who is extremely passionate about cars and his job. He has great knowledge of the location of all cities in UAE. Shabeer offers a fantastic level of service and is one of the most asked for drivers. TLT Limo is very proud to have him as a part of our chauffeur team.

  • Mohsin
    Mohsin Rolls Royce, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes V class, Certified Security Driver

    Mohsin is a very kind and positive chauffeur. He is the gentlemen who knows everything about providing luxury service to his clients.

    He has plenty of appreciation letters from customers all over the world. To add to his credits he is also a ’certified security driver’ wherein

    He has received a high level of training in dealing with security issues of passengers.

  • Teofilo
    Teofilo Mercedes S-class, BMW, Mercedes Viano

    Teo is one of our most experienced drivers. He is very well groomed, polite and passionate about his work. His warm and friendly nature will make your chauffeur driven experience a truly wonderful one.

  • Pradeep
    Pradeep Mercedes S-class, BMW 7 series, Mercedes Viano

    Pradeep is a soft spoken gentleman, who gets recognition as a polite and courteous driver within weeks. He is originally from Nepal and has been chauffeuring in the UAE since 2011. He has excellent driving skills and knowledge of locations.

  • Anam
    Anam Rolls Royce, Mercedes S-class, Mercedes Viano

    Anam is from Nepal. He is a professional, calm and friendly gentelman with excellent knowledge of roads around UAE. Despite he is in the field of chauffuer industry for more than 7 years his entuhusiasm and dedication to his work never goes down. We get highly positive feedbacks from all his clients.

  • Kutty Ali
    Kutty Ali Mercedes S-class, BMW, Mercedes V-class

    Kutty Ali recently joined our company and we cannot be happy enough. Kutty Ali takes great pride in chauffeuring clients.  Due to his professional approach, he very quickly became one of the favorite drivers for our clientele.

  • Prakas
    Prakas Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes S-class, Tesla X, Protocol Driver

    An excellent chauffeur highly experienced in driving for security, foreign government representatives and protocols.

    Prakas is a young but very experienced chauffeur with special security skills in the chauffeur field. One of the safest drivers in the industry.

    He has excellent knowledge of roads of both Dubai and Abu Dhabi attractions.

  • Simon
    Simon Mercedes S-class, Mercedes Viano, Infinity Q70

    Very punctual. Never been late in his career. Excellent knowledge of roads, ability to find the best route solution.

  • Kamran
    Kamran Mercedes S-class, Mercedes Viano, Infinity Q70

    Kamran has been a chauffeur for 6 years. Easy going driver with excellent driving skills and outstanding knowledge of English.

  • Rateesh
    Rateesh Mercedes S-class, Mercedes Viano, Infinity Q70

    Rateesh has been working in Dubai for more than a decade. He is high skilled and very motivated. He drives confident all type of vehicles. You drive with your family, you have a business trip or just surfing around sightseeing you will feel very comfortable having Rateesh as your driver.

  • Waqqas
    Waqqas Mercedes Viano, BMW 7 series

    Waqqas is a very polite and quiet young gentleman. He has very good driving skills that make passengers feel safe in the car.  He loves his job and we find it extremely important for customer satisfaction.

  • Kamran Ullah
    Kamran Ullah Mercedes Viano, Mercedes Vito, BMW 7 series

    Despite being new to the company, Kamran Ullah has recommended himself by his skills to TLT Limousine within months. Long experience as a luxury limousine chauffeur is only one of his advantages. Kamran Ullah is one of those calm and self-confident drivers who drive very stable and secure on roads.

  • Naseem
    Naseem Mercedes S-class, Mercedes V class, Infinity Q70

    Naseem is one of the chauffeurs who is with us almost from the beginning.

    His plus points are that he has excellent knowledge of Dubai, is very loyal to company and enjoys his work,

    which we believe the most important thing is to love what you do.

  • Joy
    Joy Mercedes V-class, Mercedes S-class

    Joy is a polite and trustworthy gentleman. He has been an experienced chauffeur for more than 15 years. He has a very calm and satisfied manner of driving. Joy is a pleasure to work with and TLT Limousine is very happy to have him as a part of the team.

  • Prince
    Prince Mercedes S-class, Mercedes V class, BMW 7 series

    Prince is a very knowledgeable driver with 15 years’ experience. He is a quiet and polite chauffeur with one of the biggest list of repeat customers.

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