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Cadillac Escalade


Are you heading to Dubai for an important business trip and are looking to hire a luxury car that offers you the right kind of comfort and agility that makes moving from place to place an easy and seamless ride? You can have these issues sorted for good when you hire a Cadillac in Dubai from us at TLT Limo Car Service in Dubai. A drive in a Cadillac is definitely an unforgettable experience. In fact, you can trust us when we say your highway commute won’t ever feel the same again. Its superior driving experience is backed by cutting edge features that ensure your journey is as easy as it is seamless making sure you reach the destination of your choosing in an effective and time-efficient manner.

We see that you obtain chauffeurs who come with the necessary expertise, experience, and skills required to make your ride a joyous adventure. Since we give you the opportunity to pick a preferred driver, you can heave a sigh of relief knowing that you have the power to be in control of the situation and place your trust in the hands of a trusted professional that you have chosen. We seek to understand all that you require and understand your traveling needs in the best way possible. This makes it easier for us to map out a journey for you that suits your convenience exceptionally.

The unique facilities we bring our customers 

We bring you attentive and prompt Cadillac limo service by offering you one-of-a-kind services that address your traveling needs in the best way possible. Besides the fact that the vehicles come to you in the best condition so that your comfort is never compromised with, our chauffeurs are well versed with the in and out of UAE roads so you never have to worry about losing sight of your location and where you are heading to even if you are not aware of your surroundings.

Our chauffeurs are hard-working, scrupulous, attentive and prompt in their approach. You can so know for certain that you find the best and most professional customer service no matter when you get in touch with us.  You do not also have an issue when it comes to conversing with us as our professionals are well versed in Hindi, Tagalog, Russian and Arabic other than English. Communication is bound to be a stress-free affair when you get in touch with our experts. You can so interact with us about the location you are heading to or where you need to be dropped off at in a fuss-free manner. We function 365 days of the year and never compromise on the quality and meticulousness of the customer service we bring you.

Our professionals provide long term car rentals

We provide Cadillac chauffeur service for long term hire car rentals too. This inevitably puts your mind at rest knowing that you constantly have a personal chauffeur by your side, going along with you no matter what your daily routine looks like.

We pick you and drop you off from the Dubai airport

Our top-notch and luxurious chauffeur services make it easy to obtain effortless Dubai airport transfers. You can so seamlessly obtain chauffeur services in the form of a VIP chauffeur from the moment you arrive and walk through the airport doors. The experienced and meticulous chauffeur tracks down your flight so that they meet you without wasting any time.

The company also provides luxurious limo rentals for hotels

We deliver private transfers, luxury limousines, stretched limousines as well as car rental services by partnering up with luxury hotels. This only adds another feather to our cap and ensures we fulfill your needs in the best possible way.

Our professionals address all of your corporate and business limo service needs

You can depend on us to take you to any of your business-related events without wasting too much time. All of our vehicles are luxury business class models that come with credit facility, all round the clock support and multilingual chauffeur service. This makes the ride to your business or formal meeting uncomplicated. You also reach your destination on time.

We also provide city and sightseeing tours

If you are coming to Dubai to check out the major attractions and have a good time or if you are planning to squeeze in a little bit of fun in between your work commitments, a Cadillac limo rental through our services takes you to all of the major attractions and little known places.

There is also Wi-Fi as well as phone charging available in our Cadillacs. Other than this, if you need any other help or assistance, you can always ask our chauffeurs about it.

We carry out your bookings meticulously

You can contact us either through WhatsApp, a telephone call or an email. Following this, we bring you an array of options and get acquainted with all of the required information such as type of cars, to/from, date, time and type of services such as arrival, departure, point to point and hourly service. After we get an idea of all of the information we need, we let you know about the details. This includes the cost, terms, and conditions as well as availability of the Cadillac.

After you make a confirmation, we send over a payment link to your Whatsapp or email. Once we receive payments, your booking is confirmed through a confirmation email. One day prior to the booking, we conduct a brief but thorough recheck of the location, airport terminals, name of the guest, flight time as well as whether payment is done or not. If the payment is not conducted, we see that the payment issues are dealt with before the appointment is finalized. If required, we arrive at the airport with a name board from the hotel at the concierge desk.

The features that make riding in the Cadillac comfortable

We, at TLT Limo Car Service in Dubai, bring you the Cadillac Escalade to take you from one business meeting to the next. This vehicle is a powerful luxury SUV that is equipped with comfortable seating for six passengers. While there is extra leg space in the second row, the leather upholstery ensures you have a comfortable and plush seating experience. These are the features that the vehicle comes with.

Other than this, we also offer a few standard features that come with the Cadillac escalade. Collaborating with us for a luxury ride with a chauffeur offers you access to wet wipes, water, and a mobile charger. Besides this, you also obtain automatic air conditioning, WiFi on request with minimal rates, an audio system, bottled water, choice of music that you prefer and a baby car seat on request free of charge. This ensures you are bound to have a luxuriously calming experience as you move around from place to place.

The recognition that makes the Cadillac a force to reckon with

The Cadillac Escalade is one of the most preferred and valued vehicles of the TLT Limo Car Service in Dubai. It is an extremely comfortable luxury SUV that is equipped with cooled front seats and possesses additional rear passenger legroom. The vehicle is truly one-of-a-kind and has a greater edge when compared to all other SUVs. This is mainly because of its stunning luxury and unparalleled safety standards.

It comes equipped with up to 94.2 cubic feet of cargo space, 8,300 lbs max towing capacity and a fuel capacity of 26 gallons. All in all, its stunning craftsmanship comes with equally stunning comfort. Its roominess and comfort make way for additional rear passenger legroom, headroom as well as cargo space. This makes it easy to accommodate its passengers conveniently. This makes it easy to use the vehicle for special occasions and events while you can know for a fact that our exceptional chauffeur driving services attend to all of your major and minor needs in the best possible way. Concern and safety is something we hold at top priority so we see to it that you take full advantage of these elements in the best way possible.

Get in touch with us

You can get in touch with us at TLT Limo Car Service in Dubai if you need any more details about the Prestige Cadillac or Cadillac Escalade. Our professionals are diligent, meticulous; detail-oriented and prompt while filling out details during the appointment process while our chauffeurs are responsible, have good road sense and are attentive to your needs in the best possible manner. You can so rest assured that you find the best and top-notch service when traveling around Dubai in the vehicle that promises a reliable and sleek ride no matter where you are heading to and which business appointment you have to make it to.

What is holding you back? Go ahead and schedule an appointment with us. We cater to all of your transportation needs and wants to make sure you have an enjoyable time through and through.

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