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Being a part of the modern business world requires adherence to a certain style and standards of conduct. There is a very old and very wise saying, “First impressions are the most lasting”. It is applicable not only in society but also in business life.

Apart from the entrepreneurial talent and other professional skills, every business person is judged by his or her appearance and punctuality. To make a good and lasting impression on the potential or current business clients, one has to look and act impeccably. What could be better than arriving at any business meeting in a luxurious business-class car? Such a vehicle, whether it is a classy Mercedes Benz or a grand limousine, will serve as definite proof of your high business status and the seriousness of your business intentions.

We at TLT Limo provide the best corporate chauffeur service in Dubai for all business travelers who chose to do business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah. You will not be able to find a company with so many years of experience in providing the emirates business car service to corporate clients from all over the world.

The highly knowledgeable and complaisant team of TLT includes the best business chauffeurs who will prove that they are able to satisfy all your transportation needs, even the most demanding ones.


  • Reservations 24/7
  • 100% accurate
  • Credit facility for existing customers
  • Option to choose a preferred driver for a permanent business class chauffeur service
  • All drivers have excellent knowledge of UAE Roads
  • Our entire team speak English
  • Arabic speaking drivers


TLT will make sure that all our clients feel confident and secure during all their business trips to the United Arab Emirates. Our corporate chauffeurs have driven cars since the teenage years, so the steering wheel feels so natural to each of them like it is an extension of their own hands. They are the professional drivers of the highest caliber who have passed the rigorous selection process, which is one of the distinctive features of our chauffeur service, with flying colors.

If you are a serious and reputable business person, you should not entrust the transportation aspects of your business travel into the hands of dilettantes. With TLT and our immensely experienced drivers, your trip will go without a hitch: you can rest assured that you will always arrive at all scheduled corporate events not only on time but also in the high-end executive cars that will show that you are a first-class entrepreneur.

TLT provides the most competent and reliable chauffeuring services for business in the United Arab Emirates because we are well-aware of the importance of punctuality, classy appearance, and professionalism. Our chauffeurs drove the most influential business people in the world to the meetings where billions of dollars were at stake and where every second of unnecessary waiting or even a hint at unprofessionalism could mean a disaster.

We can assure you that our professional chauffeurs always rose to the occasion and delivered our clients to the business venues without being a single minute late. They also made sure that all the necessary precautions were duly observed and the clients felt safe and comfortable while preparing for their meetings. The corporate chauffeurs who work at TLT are the cream of the crop in this particular area of transportation services because they know not only how to drive the most luxurious cars elegantly and effortlessly, they know how to arrive at a place of destination in style and in time which will definitely add another point to your high business reputation.


1. Hourly private hire of luxurious cars.

Whether you want to attend a business event or a dinner party at your friend’s house, our wonderful chauffeurs will be at your service. No need to hire a car for the entire day. Just tell us the purpose and the duration of your trip, and we will recommend you the most suitable car as well as the driver. The choice of cars ranges from Audi A6 to Honda Odyssey.

2. Airport transportation.

Quick and comfortable delivery from any airport in the UAE to your hotel.

3. Long-term car rental.

If you need to rent a car with a chauffeur for a longer duration of time, TLT will gladly provide it for you. Professionalism and comfort are your first priorities? Then look no further than TLT Limo because we are the most reliable service provider in the UAE that will make your business trip as pleasant as possible. Trust TLT to deliver you to your personal success!

4. Preferred driver for a permanent chauffeur service

Omair Al Thani Luxury Transport Company can also allocate a permanent chauffeur service should you wish to choose a preferred driver. Your corporate vehicle will incorporate both a relaxing and comfy environment and a place to conduct business en-route.

5. Hourly car service

With our luxury car service, you have a strong and reliable partner at your side when it comes to any special event in the UAE. Whether you choose to dine out, attend any cultural or sporting occasion, our professional well-groomed personnel will transport you duly and safely to any destination in the UAE you name, preserving your own private world of luxury and confidentiality.

6. Point to point service

Should you wish to leave the event in the same comfort, you can either make it a point-to-point pick up or our chauffeurs will eagerly wait at the site until the end of the event.

7. Group Transportation

Traveling in a group can get messy pretty quickly especially in an unfamiliar city. TLT Limo takes the hassle out of group travel and any corporate transfers with our Luxury multi-passenger vans – it has never been easier to travel no matter what the group size. Our large fleet of new vehicles is at your service to ensure that your party arrives on time and in style.


The TLT Limo also guarantees that you will be able to make reservations for car hire any day of the week, all year round. No need to do any market research, just give us a call and one of our operators will give you all the necessary information.

We also have an extensive credit and bonus program for all our loyal customers. If you use the services of TLT during all your corporate travels to the United Arab Emirates, then you will be entitled to great perks from our company.

We also offer an exclusive option that you wouldn’t get in other hire services. It implies the possibility to hire an executive chauffeur on a permanent basis, meaning that whenever you visit the United Arab Emirates, your car will be chauffeured driven by your favorite driver. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with every client, which is why we encourage our drivers to be trustworthy, polite, and highly competent.

We also adapt our service to current events. For example, we are the best service for Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai this year.

All our drivers are fluent in English and speak perfect formal Arabic.

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