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There is an axiom in business that time is the most precious asset. The person who runs a big business or a global organization does not want to sit behind the wheel while he or she can spend this precious time resolving some business-related issues, relaxing after tough negotiations or preparing for an important social event. And when you sit in the backseat, making the gears of the business world turn, you want someone competent, reliable, and experienced to drive the car. The TLT Limo offers the best chauffeur services in Dubai.

Our company is known for:
  • the world-class servicing
  • elite private chauffeurs who have driven cars all their lives
  • an extensive fleet of luxury cars suitable for delivering clients to events of the highest level
  • the impeccably polite and responsive customer service

The TLT Limo can offer you the widest possible range of quality services that will make your professional and personal life much easier and pleasant.

TLT chauffeurs are your reliable companions on every business trip

You may require a private chauffeur in Dubai to take you to the various meeting and conferences which may take place during your business trips.

Rest assured that our chauffeurs know every little corner of the city and its suburbs, so you will never find yourself in the situations where our drivers waste your time in traffic jams or unnecessary detours from the planned route.

We will provide you:
  • Our chauffeurs, who will drive you to the designated location not only in time but also in style.
  • Our first-class luxurious cars, that will not only serve as the extremely comfortable and reliable means of private transportation, they will highlight your VIP status at any corporate event.

The TLT Limo is the synonym of superb chauffeur service in Dubai, and we are ready to go above and beyond to prove that to you.

Personal Chauffeurs for days-off and holidays

Our private chauffeurs will be at your service not only in the course of your business trips but also during weekends and holidays. At TLT you can hire your own personal drivers.

They will take care of:
  • airport transfers
  • traveling around the city and its suburbs
  • basically take you anywhere you want.

If you or the members of your family have never been to Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, our professional drivers will gladly undertake the mission of a city guide and organize unique private tours, so you and your family can get yourselves acquainted with the sights and places of interest in the beautiful city of Dubai. Our drivers can even turn into your own private desert captain, with whom you will experience the unforgettable endless spaces of the glorious Arabian desert.

Whatever adventure you want to engage into, be sure that your private driver from TLT will take you there, keep you safe, and do everything possible to make this time truly unforgettable.

We will help you have great pastime

And even if you have a day-off from the intense business activities, you don’t have to spend it in your hotel room watching TV. Just call our car hire service and we will eagerly take on a task of organizing interesting private tours in Dubai or any other location in the United Arab Emirates.

Regardless of whether you want to:
  • see a movie
  • visit a museum
  • enjoy the exquisite Eastern cuisine at one of the best restaurants
  • just do some shopping

the TLT Limo will provide you a luxury car and a professional driver who will show you the best spots in the city.

Personal Drivers for various social events

Business life consists not only of different business meetings, workshops, and conferences. There is a good old saying that goes, “It is not what you know but who you know”. It means that great industriousness, unceasing enthusiasm, and professional skills alone may not be enough for an ultimate success of a business project. The well-developed network of personal and professional contacts can sometimes play if not greater but equally important role in the overall success of any business venture. And in order to establish this network, it is necessary to attend various social events, from sports matches to fund-raisers and dinner parties, on the regular basis.

Private chauffeurs from the TLT Limo drove different clients to the most prestigious social events which took place in Dubai and the UAE. If you choose our private hire service, you can rest assured that you will be delivered to the venue at the proper time, in one of the most luxurious cars we have in our fleet, and by a well-groomed driver who will definitely match your special status. And when the event is over, the driver will be patiently waiting for you at the designated place to take you home where you can relax and contemplate the great evening you had.

The TLT Limo will find you a suitable car and a professional driver for every occasion. Just savor the moment and we’ll do the driving for you.

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