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Private Driver in Dubai

Many people visit Dubai with the aim of sightseeing or for business. But, visiting without knowing where to go or how to get there can be pretty challenging. In addition, traffic situations vary at different times of the day. Fortunately, hiring a car with a private driver Dubai eliminates this stress. Private chauffeurs know the best routes to your destination, and with your hired vehicle, you can be comfortable throughout your ride.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Car With a Driver in Dubai?

TLT Limo is known for its world-class service and elite private chauffeurs who offer the best service. They also have an extensive fleet of luxury cars and courteous and responsive customer service. Some of the reasons why you need to hire personal driver Dubai include;

State of the art service

Private chauffeurs in Dubai can take you to your destination for business meetings and conferences. During your trip, you are assured that the driver knows his way around, and you won’t find yourself in traffic jams or unnecessary detours.

Furthermore, private chauffeur service Dubai from TLT Limo ensures your driver will drive you to your location in style in our first-class luxurious vehicles. So, besides the fast and reliable transportation, you are sure of being accorded VIP status at your corporate event.

Our well-groomed private driver Dubai matches your social status. And after your event, your driver will be waiting for you at the designated place to take you home or wherever you want.


With private chauffeur service Dubai, your convenience is paramount. Anytime you need to move around Dubai, be it on weekends or holidays, your driver will always be around to drive you. In addition, chauffeurs usually take care of airport transfers traveling the city and suburbs, and taking you anywhere you want.

Moreover, you can choose a vehicle from our well-maintained fleet. The fleet consists of sedans, SUVs, and vans. So, depending on your needs, there is always something for you.


If you are in Dubai for a tour, personal drivers from TLT Limo easily undertake the mission of a city guide. They also organize unique private tours for you to get acquainted with tourist attractions in Dubai. So regardless of the adventure, you want to partake in, private drivers Dubai can drive you there, keep you safe, and make your experience unforgettable.

Time Out

If you are in Dubai on a business trip, meetings and conferences can be intense, so you don’t have time to enjoy the city. However, if you get a day off, you don’t have to spend it in your hotel room watching TV. Instead of staying indoors, you can call your driver to take you on a private tour within Dubai.

Places you can visit on your day off include the museum, restaurants, and the Burj Khalifa. You can also see a movie, do some shopping, or request the driver to show you the best spots in the city.

Benefits of Hiring Personal Chauffeur Services in Dubai

The topmost benefit of hiring personal chauffeur services in Dubai is your convenience and comfort. Another benefit is the choice of vehicle. When hiring personal chauffeur services, you get to choose the best vehicle that suits you, whether  a van or an SUV.

Furthermore, regardless of your choice, all vehicles are well-maintained, ensuring your safety and peace during the trip. The vehicles also have sturdy frames that can stay steady in hills, valleys, rocky, or smooth terrain.

Another reason to hire a car with a driver in Dubai is that you don’t have to bother about the paperwork for an international driving permit. Hiring a personal driver Dubai chauffeur helps you navigate the UAE without stress.

Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions for hiring luxury private chauffeur service in Dubai are outlined below:

  • Clients must pay for the service latest 24 hours before its commencement.
  • We charge 100% extra for late cancellation or no appearance. 
  • Cancellation should be initiated at least 24 hours before transfer time. 
  • Smoking is not allowed in the car–defaulting attracts a penalty of AED 200.

What Our Customers Say

TLT Limo has worked with both new and returning clients over time. As a result, our clients are satisfied with our service, and they even refer our service. In addition, people who have used our service testify to our drivers’ professionalism, punctuality, and appearance. Our drivers know the best routes, act as tour guides, and show you the best spots in Dubai. Furthermore, our vehicles are spotless, sturdy, and secure.

Frequently asked questions :

This section answers the most commonly asked questions across search results.

What is the cost of the luxury private chauffeur service in Dubai?

The cost of luxury private chauffeur service in Dubai varies on the vehicle you are hiring and the duration for hiring the vehicle within Dubai/Sharjah. In addition, if your destination is outside the Dubai emirate, you will have to pay an additional charge.

What is included in the cost of the service?

When you book a private chauffeur service, the cost includes the vehicle of your choice and a driver for the period you book the service. Our first-class luxurious cars are incredibly comfortable, offering a reliable means of transportation. In addition, our drivers will drive you to your designated location in time and style.

How can I book the service?

Booking a private chauffeur service with TLT Limo is straightforward. Follow the next steps to book the service;

  • Request for the service via email, WhatsApp, or telephone
  • Provide answers to the information requested from you. You will have to answer the type of car, type of service, your pickup, and your destination. You will also receive the availability, rate, and terms and conditions
  • Pay via the payment link. You will get the link through email or WhatsApp (for WhatsApp booking)
  • You will get a confirmation email for your booking after making the payment
  • TLT Limo will meet you at your requested location on your booked date
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