TLT Limo protections program and measures against Coronavirus

At TLT Limousine we always care about the safety of our passengers. We pay the most attention to our chauffeurs’ qualifications, vehicle conditions, and everything else to meet our valuable clients’ highest expectations. 

With Covid-19, we have added additional procedures like safety protocol to make your trip safe in all aspects and to minimise any possible risk of virus transmission.

We care about every detail and have implemented a new cleaning protocol, which we are following religiously.

We are serious about keeping you safe

  1. TLT Limousine never confirms back to back transfers with the same vehicle. No other passengers are transferred prior to your collection. After each job, all vehicles are back to the base to get fully and totally cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected.
  2. We make sure that chauffeur on shift is feeling well and does not have any symptoms of a viral infection.
  3. We always have face masks and sanitizers on board.
  4. We pay close attention to the disinfecting solutions and materials, to be sure those are safe for all passengers.
  5. Our chauffeurs frequently have a COVID-19 test.

Read our Cleaning Protocol Read our Safety Protocol


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