How do we work?

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1) Received request

We receive requests by email, telephone, and Whatsapp

2) Sending answers with options

We take all necessary information like date, time, To/From, type of cars, type of service like arrival, departure, point to point, hourly service. Once we get all information we advise the availability, rate, terms, and conditions.

Luxury Audi for rent interior with a driver, driver seat

3) Sending a payment link

Once the customer confirms, we send a payment link to email and WhatsApp (if WhatsApp customer)

4) Receiving a confirmation

Once we receive payment, we confirm the booking and send a confirmation email

5) When we recheck the booking prior to what time of arrival

One day prior to the booking with all necessary details like flight time, airport terminals, name of the guest, location, payment is done or not; if payment is not done, follow payment.

fligh tracker app for business

6) How do we meet guest

For arrival at the airport with “name board”, from the hotel at the concierge desk and other locations if the customer request.

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