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TLT LIMO becomes Chabé

As the world grapples with the rising number of human coronavirus infections, worries are abound whether it is safe to use chauffeur services in Dubai, which has also affected the country. 

The UAE was among the first nations in the world to pay close attention to the threat of COVID-19 and the country has taken measures and introduced protocols that adhere to the guidelines mandated by the World Health Organisation and international standards. The Ministry of Health and UAE National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority have been proactive, ensuring public health is a top priority. 

The healthcare infrastructure is equipped to deal with this pandemic and the UAE has taken up a massive sterilisation drive to disinfect the city and ensure residents are protected.

For people, who are still struggling to understand the gravity of the situation, here is some information related to coronavirus and Covid-19.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that are responsible for causing several illnesses, including the common cold, SARS, and MERS, which standard for the respiratory syndrome originating in the Middle East, according to the WHO coronavirus definition

The present coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is caused by a new strain of the virus. It was identified in the Wuhan province of China in 2019. Before this, this disease was not found in humans. 

Coronavirus symptoms include fever, respiratory distress, and cough breathing. In some cases, severe infection can be fatal as it leads to kidney failure, acute respiratory distress requiring a ventilator, and pneumonia.  

Presently, there is no coronavirus treatment available as it is a completely new infection. Hence, there is no coronavirus vaccine available to prevent this contagious infection. WHO recommends that frequent handwashing, covering the nose and mouth while sneezing and coughing, and consuming properly cooked eggs and meat along with maintaining 1 to 1.5-metre distance from an infected people are the only ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

How do We Secure Your Safety?

In Dubai, transportation services are used by a multitude of people daily and the Road and Transport Authority has issued safety protocols that transportation service providers need to follow. The virus precautions are non-negotiable and all service providers have to adhere to them. 

TLT Limousine too follows these protocols and we are proud to inform you that we have adapted fast and started sanitising our fleet the moment the Road and Transport Authority issued the protocols. 

We would like to inform our clients that our vehicles are thoroughly sanitised before and after each trip, ensuring that you have no reason to worry. 

How Do We Secure Your Business and Your Partners?

Our measures against coronavirus include using medical-grade, EPA-registered disinfectant, which is potent enough to kill all microbes in under 60 seconds. We also ensure that all vehicles in our fleet are equipped with Dettol wipes and hand sanitisers that passengers can use as and when they require. 

How Did Our Limo Service Adapt to the New Conditions?

The moment the authorities in the UAE published safety protocols to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection through the public transport system, TLT Chauffeur Service embraced them and made them the norm. We were among the first Limo chauffeur services to adopt the coronavirus precautions in Dubai. 

Our chauffeurs have also gone to training and awareness programmes to understand the need to maintain the utmost personal hygiene. The chauffeurs too have access to hand sanitisers, masks and Dettol wipes to ensure they do contract the infection. 

Due to our stringent hygiene and cleanliness measures, we ensure coronavirus transmission does not take place when you use our Limo services. 

What are TLT Limo Measures Against Coronavirus?

Some of the measures we have adopted to stop the spread of coronavirus infection include:

As you can see, with our stringent and constant coronavirus precautions, you can’t contract the infection when you make use of our Limo services.