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Dubai Sightseeing Tours with TLT Limo

Dubai is a tourist attraction with numerous places to visit. But, seeing these places on your own, especially when it is your first time in Dubai, can be pretty stressful. Fortunately, hiring a car with a driver eases your stress. Drivers at TLT Limo are professional, understand the local language, and know the best routes to your destination.

Our Services

Dubai city tours stand out from the competition because of the utterly customizable travel options. Our customizable services include tour length, vehicle type, and tour length.

Customized Tour Length – everyone has different preferences regarding tour length. Some people want to experience Dubai sightseeing during a tour, take pictures, or shop, extending their tour length. Others want to enjoy the tour from the comfort of the car, making their trip shorter.

Multiple Vehicle Options – we have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles to suit your needs depending on the number of people sightseeing. For instance, you can opt for a van if you are a large group. And if you are alone or with one or two loved ones, we recommend choosing the sedan for your luxury tours Dubai.

Choice Destinations – at TLT Limo Dubai, our drivers can take you to any tourist attraction. You can pick where you want to visit and if you want to drive by or stop to take pictures. In addition, if you’re going to make lunch stops, we have options of several places for you to feast on the best cuisines.  

Points of Interest

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Located in Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the largest in the World. The massive architecture is a work of art that blends different Islamic architectural schools. In addition, the mosque features the World’s largest hand-knitted carpet, over 1000 columns, 82 domes, and 24-carat gold gilded chandeliers.

Al Fahidi Historical District

The Al Fahidi Historical district is located along Dubai creek and represents what life looked like in Dubai in the mid-19th century. This district is a key heritage site with most of its original structure still intact and preserved. The Historical district has several alleys, towers, and twisting pathways that tell an ancient story.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is World’s tallest building, and it was built to house several hospitalities, commercial, and residential ventures. The building is 2,717 feet tall and houses 162 floors. It has a hexagonal central core and a Y-shaped plan. Consequently, with an increase in height, the building’s shape changes at each tier, reducing the effect of the wind on the building.

Atlantis Aquarium

The Atlantis Aquarium is the largest in the Middle East and Africa. Although lost for thousands of years beneath the sea, the lost city ruins of Atlantis have been uncovered. There are over 65,000 marine animals in this aquarium. And you also get to explore the underwater mazes and tunnels of the lost civilization.

Hindi Lane

Hindi Lane is an alley adjacent to a temple, giving you a feeling of stepping into India. The Lane is located behind the grand mosque, and the temple is considered to be a gathering center for the Hindi community in Dubai. The Lane is lined with vendors selling colorful saris, fruit baskets, delicious food, flower garlands, and religious paraphernalia.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World is home to the World’s fastest rollercoaster. Located on Yas Island, Ferrari World is the ultimate destination for non-stop fun. You also enjoy the highest loop ride, the tallest space frame structure ever built, and over 40 record-breaking attractions.

Why Choose Us?

Dubai sightseeing with a personal chauffeur has never been more leisurely with TLT Limo. Our services stand out, including excellent customer service and passenger experience. In addition, our Dubai sightseeing packages are competitive, and we give all it takes to make our customers a priority.

Another reason to choose us is that we have a well-maintained fleet under three years old. Our vehicles are clean, tidy, and also roomy. Generally, we offer services to make your stay in Dubai memorable.

Make a Reservation Today

You can make a reservation via Email, WhatsApp, or telephone. When making a reservation, you must provide information like the date, time, car type, and service. For example, the kind of service could be a Dubai city tour from the airport, departure, point to point, or hourly service.

After providing the necessary information, we will let you know the terms and conditions, availability, and rate. Once satisfied, you will receive a payment link in your email or WhatsApp (for WhatsApp bookings).

Once we receive payment, we will confirm your reservation and send you a confirmation email. The process is straightforward. A day before your reservation, we check all necessary details for a hitch-free pickup. We also ensure that our drivers meet all our guests at their requested locations at the appointed time.

Frequently asked questions :

Check below for answers to questions asked by some of our previous clients;

What are the different types of Dubai sightseeing tours offered by TLT Limo?

When touring with TLT Limo, you can choose the places you want to go or follow the suggestion of our well-trained personnel. Some of the points of interest you may like to visit include the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Burj Khalifa, The Atlantis Aquarium, Hindi Lane, and Al Fahidi Historical District.

How long do the tours last?

The tour duration depends on the places you have to visit and traffic conditions during the day. We will be happy to work out the best schedule for you.

What are the payment methods accepted?

The payment methods accepted at TLT Limo are bank transfers and cash and credit card payments. You can use Visa, American Express, or MasterCard for your expenses. You can only make bank transfers in AED using the payment mode. But if you are paying via credit card, you can pay in any currency type you choose

What is the cost of a tour?

The cost of a tour depends on how long your tour is and the type of vehicle you are booking. It is important to note that you will be charged per extra hour if you exceed the time you book the vehicle for.

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