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TLT LIMO becomes Chabé

Cheerful business man on mobile phone in rear of the car

One of TLT Limo’s core business is corporate chauffeur services. Business chauffeur services are way too different from any other type of limo hire.

TLT Limo has selected drivers who have the privilege to work as corporate chauffeurs. The entire team of chauffeurs has signed non-discloser agreements. TLT Limo operations team and corporate chauffeurs meet every month for familiarisation and approaches to important locations all over UAE. We believe that knowledge of destinations translates into time control and a pleasant ride. TLT Limousine team carefully updates clients’ profiles for any preferences during the ride in order to be able to deliver more personalized service in the future.

Corporate Chauffeurs work together with our operations team, to be sure of any amendments done if needed so that client will reach the meeting place in time. 

To stay competitive in the field of business chauffeur services, TLT Limo remembers one important thing: The client must ride in satisfaction.