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As a business executive, you know that time is money. So, if you fly regularly for business trips, you will want every aspect of the trip to go off smoothly, right from the flight taking off on time to the right chauffeur service in Dubai or any other city. That is the reason many business executives and leaders are turning smart technology and making use of the best flight trackers that they can download on their Android phones or iPhones. 

If you are planning your next business trip, you should take a closer look at these best mobile flight tracker apps so that you do not have to contend with long security lines, crowded boarding gate areas, and flight delays. 

FlightAware Flight Tracker

This app is available for download for iPhone and Android phones. This app allows you to check the status of flights using several parameters, including airport code, flight number, airline, and route. 

If you are going on a business trip, this best flight tracker app allows you to send a flight alert to the Dubai Limousine service so that the service knows if your flight is delayed or on time. It saves you money and time, as a result. 

The app enables you to register for push notifications so you will be up-to-date about the arrival and departure timings of your flight. It will also let you know of delays, gate changes, and cancellations. 


You will find that this flight tracker app is extremely useful. Not only can you check the status of the flight, but you will be able to see the route it takes through the built-in map. 

The app is designed to provide information if the arrival or departure of your flight is delayed. It also lets you know if the boarding gate has been changed by the airline. Other than that, the app, although simplistic, also provides the weather forecast for seven days and the weather condition during your flight. 

This app is available for Android and iOS. 


In case you are looking for the best flight tracker app for iPhone, this is the one that you should choose. It offers real-time tracking of flights and will send you a notification if the status of the flight that you are catching changes. It also allows you to see if the flight has been on time for the last couple of days by providing details of the aircraft’s older routes. 

The app offers weather-related information for the city of departure and arrival so that you are prepared for it. You can link this app to your Calendar and that makes it easy for you to see how delays could affect your meetings. You can also add details about your car rental with driver and hotel reservation. You can easily share the status of your flight with the car rental company and the hotel in case there is a delay. 

Plane Finder

This is for business executives who want a simple flight tracker app that is also easy to use. The app lets you use 23 parameters to search for flights if you are looking for a last-minute flight to head for a business meeting. The app displays the results of the different flights and the corresponding airline. 

It is renowned for providing accurate information about flights and you can add filters as well as bookmarks so that you can easily find information the next time you log into the application. In addition, it uses augmented reality to help users see the overhead of planes with the help of the cameras on their phones. 

Planes Live

Some business executives also fly by helicopters and there are not many flight tracker apps that can track helicopters. So, if you intend to fly to your next business meeting in a helicopter, this is the app that you need. It tracks choppers and planes and enables you to check the flight’s status, the features of the aircraft, and the flight schedule and route. 

It makes use of the transmitters present in airplanes and helicopters to provide accurate information. The only issue is that the information comes to you with a five-minute delay. Other than that, this app is perfect and allows you to use filters to track just about any aircraft model and airline without a hassle. 

App in the Air

For business travelers, who are looking for a flight tracker free of cost, this is the one that they should choose. This free flight tracker not only allows you to track your flight but also gives you tips about the airport you are flying from and to, and displays the map of the airport. 

As a business traveler, you will be flying frequently and that can make it tough to keep a track of your frequent flyer miles. With this app, you do not have to worry as it keeps track of the miles by importing your flight history. 

While most flight tracker apps require internet connectivity to work seamlessly, App in the Air can work offline by sending you an SMS if there is a change in the flight status or the airline changes the gate. 

This app is for Android smartphones. 

Flight Board

This app is designed to give you details about your flight’s departure and arrival. It lets you know which terminal to go to catch your flight and at which terminal the flight will arrive. For business trips with chauffeur service, this information can be vital as you will be able to inform the Limousine service in Dubai and the chauffeur will be waiting to meet you at the right terminal on arrival. 

The app can provide information on about 1000 airports across the world. It also informs you which baggage claim area you should go to and how crowded the area is. 

In Conclusion

While these are some of the best flight trackers that you can use for your business trip to Dubai, you do not have to worry about using an aircraft tracker when you rent luxury cars for the airport transfers from TLT Limo. The chauffeurs at this luxury car service are professionals and they go to lengths to find out about the status of your flight to Dubai so that you do not have to waste time waiting for your ride on arrival. The TLT Dubai Limousine service will ensure you reach your destination in the city quickly and safely.